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How to enable global menu for PhpStorm in Ubuntu
How do I modify or disable the HUD’s use of the Alt key?
Move Ubuntu launcher to bottom

How to enable global menu for PhpStorm in Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danjaredg/jayatana

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install jayatana

From Ubuntu 15jayantana is installed by default but the global menu is disabled by default. Because jayantana crashes some java swing packages, if it doesn’t you can activate globally or per application base.

  1. Globally

Create a file called jayatana.conf in /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ location and fill it with following data

description "Java Ayatana"

start on starting dbus

 initctl set-env --global JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:/usr/share/java/jayatanaag.jar $JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS"
end script
  1. Per application

Add this line at the bottom of your application startup script

JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:/usr/share/java/jayatanaag.jar $JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS"


How do I modify or disable the HUD’s use of the Alt key?

Open the System Settings application either by going to Session Indicator in Unity panel, or by searching for System Settings using the HUD.

enter image description here

Then go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > Launchers. You can redefine the HUD key with the Key to show the HUD option. Pressing Backspace will disable the HUD shortcut altogether.

Screenshot of Keyboard settings window, in the Launchers section

If you set it to Alt manually, the setting distinguishes between the left and right Alt key. So if you want to maintain general behaviour and still use Alt combinations, this may be an alternate solution for you.

Move Ubuntu launcher to bottom

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcherposition Bottom

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